Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Weekend Wind Down, Vol. 3

"Girl U Want (Devo cover)" - Freelance Whales
"look at you with your mind spinning..."
"Exile Vilify" - The National
"it takes your mind again..."
"Phoenix Wind" - Yeasayer
"you're the only ones..."
"Battery Kinizie" - Fleet Foxes
"do not wander through the dark..."
"Beautiful Girl" - William Fitzsimmons
"the purging of this dark..."
"I Walked" - Sufjan Stevens
"with the lust of your loveless life..."
"Odessa" - Caribou
"tell me what i've got to show for all my tears..."
"Home is a Fire" - Death Cab For Cutie
"attempting a clean break..."
"Comes and Goes (In Waves)" - Greg Laswell
"you're not alone at all..."

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