Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

My Favorites of 2010: Albums

1.  4x4=12 - Deadmau5

Best songs:
"Sofi Needs a Ladder (Ft. SOFI)"
"Raise Your Weapon (Ft. Greta Svabo Bech)"
"Cthulhu Sleeps"

2.  Bright Lights - Ellie Goulding

Best songs:
"Starry Eyed"
"Little Dreams"

3.  The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

Best Songs:
"Ready To Start" - Arcade Fire
"We Used to Wait" - Arcade Fire
"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" - Arcade Fire

4.  What Did You Think Was Gonna Happen? - 2AM Club

Best songs:
"Worry About You"
"Nobody's In Love"
"Faster Babe"

5. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Best songs:
"With Your Friends (Long Drive)"
"All I Ask of You (Feat. Penny)"
"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)"

6.  Gorilla Manor - Local Natives

Best songs:
"Sun Hands"
"Wide Eyes"
"Who Knows Who Cares"

7. Crystal Castles (II) - Crystal Castles

Best songs:
"Not In Love (Ft. Robert Smith)"
"Pap Smear"

8.  Safe in the Steep Cliffs - Emancipator

Best songs:
"Old Devil"
"Safe in the Steep Cliffs"

9. Broken Bells - Broken Bells

Best songs:
"The High Road"
"The Ghost Inside"

10. This Is Happening - LCD Soundsystem

Best songs:
"I Can Change"
"Dance Yrself Clean"
"Drunk Girls"

Honorable Mention: dance.love - Kaskade

Best songs:
"Raining" - Kaskade & Adam K ft. SunSun
"Fire in Your New Shoes" - Kaskade feat. Martina of Dragonette
"Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)" - Kaskade

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Throwback Thursdays: Duncan Sheik

"Barely Breathing" - Duncan Sheik // 1997
"you really had me going, wishing on a star..."

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Mixtape: Happy Holidays

"Have Yourself a Merry Christmas" - Coldplay
"our troubles will be miles away..."
"Forget December" - Something Corporate
"a silent night won't feel quite right..."
"2000 Miles" - Coldplay
"i think of you where you go..."
"Happy Christmas (War Is Over) [John Lennon cover]" - Damien Rice
"let's hope it's a good one..."
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - U2
"you should be here with me..."
"Winter Wonderland" - Radiohead
"a beautiful sight..."
"It's Christmas" - Coconut Records
"we could wake up with a smile..."
"All That I Want" - The Weepies
"when the sky is falling down at midnight..."
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - Death Cab For Cutie
"pretty lights on the trees, i'm watching them shine..."

"Always Christmas" - Until June
"christmas lights and songs tonight make me think of you..."

"Lights and Buzz" - Jack's Mannequin
"i've gotten lost here once before inside a good vibration..."

"Mistletoe" - Colbie Callait
"i just want you to come home..."
Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe And Holly - Kaskade Mix
"you'll hear voices by starlight..."
Bing Crosby - White Christmas (Kaskade Mix)
"may all your days be merry and bright..."

Senin, 29 November 2010

Artist Spotlight: Ellie Goulding (Vol. 2)

Ellie Goulding is reviving her debut album Lights with Bright Lights out today. It will include the original ten tracks from Lights with seven additional tracks.

Track List:
1. Guns and Horses // "i see your face in every star..."
2. Starry Eyed // "throw out my heart and get a new one..."
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) // "we're always in the dark..."
4. Under The Sheets // "your words allover me..."
5. The Writer // "you wait for silence, i wait for a word..."
6. Everytime You Go // "maybe we forgot are we awake or not..."
7. Wish I Stayed // "it's not what you've lost but it is what you find..."
8. Your Biggest Mistake // "you don't know what you're running from..."
9. I’ll Hold My Breath // "a sky of diamonds just for us..."
10. Salt Skin // "find the perfect words that i've not spoken..."
11. Lights // "you shine it when i'm alone..."
12. Human // "i hope i get the chance to be someone..."
13. Little Dreams // "there are so many ways to lose your attention..."
14. Home // "i need someone to hold..."
15. Animal // "i'll color in the sky..."
16. Believe Me // "don't let it slip through your fingertips..."
17. Your Song // "how wonderful life is now that you're in the world..."
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Selasa, 23 November 2010

Techno Tuesdays, Vol. 3

"Full House (Electric Soulside Mix)" - The Afterschool Special Ft. Whiskey Pete

"Sleepwalker (Original Mix)" - Chris Lake

"Fireball (Original Mix)" - Christian Cambas

"Bittersweet (Patrick Plaice & Frank Ellrich Mix)" - Ellrich & Plaice

"Back In The Race (Original Mix)" - Umek & Beltek

I Gotcha Covered: "Crystalised (The XX cover)"

"Crystalised (The XX cover)" - Gorillaz
"the sound resounds echo..."
"Crystalised" - The XX
"you're the one that i've kept closet..."

Senin, 22 November 2010

Mashup Monday, Vol. 18

Tracks mixed:
"Raise Your Glass" - Pink
"Please Don’t Go" - Mike Posner
"I’ll Be Missing You" - Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans
"Freak Out" - Le Chic
"Since You've Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson
"Talking About a Revolution" - Tracy Chapman
"Wunderbaren Jahren (Live)" - Sportfreunde Stiller
"Around the World" - Daft Punk
"Open Your Eyes" - Snow Patrol
"I Gotta Feeling" - The Black Eyed Peas

"I'll Be Missing You (Don't Raise Your Glass)" - Mashup-Germany

Minggu, 21 November 2010

Artist Spotlight: Aston

While classical is way out of the ordinary for me to post, Aston is definitely talented in their classical versions of contemporary songs. Pretty cool, so check em out!

"Telephone (Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Classical cover)" - Aston

"Rude Boy (Rihanna classical cover)" - Aston

"Only Girl (Rihanna classical cover)" - Aston

"Bulletproof (La Roux classical cover)" - Aston