Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Mixtape: Valentine's Day

"I'll Never Dream I'm In Love (Kaskade vs Alex Guadino)" - Kaskade"
"dreaming brings me back to you..."
"All You Need Is Love" - The Beatles
"there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..."
"No One's Gonna Love You" - Band of Horses
"anything to make you smile..."
"Fell In Love With A Girl" - The White Stripes
"i must be fine because my heart is still beating..."
"Make Love (Chew Fu and Substantial Small Room Sax Fix)" - Daft Punk
"without there's no life at all..."
"Falling In Love With Brazil (Kaskade Mashup)" – Deadmau5 vs. Haley
"someone always has to give in..."
"Crazy In Love" - Beyoncé
"your love can do what no one else's can..."
"Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover)" - Alphabeat
"last night i had a dream about you..."
"Lovesong" - The Cure
"you make me feel like i am fun again..."
"This Sweet Love" - James Yuill
"it's time you show me your love..."
"I'll Be Yours" - Those Dancing Days
"let's stay til the end..."
"Little Thing Called Love" - Misty Miller
"i wanna be with you right now..."

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