Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

What's Jammin On My iPod, Vol. 14

"Sasha Don’t Sleep (Pance Party Remix)" - The Dance Party
"kissing on the dance floor..."

"Something Good Can Work (Ted and Francis Remix)" - Two Door Cinema Club
"let's make this happen..."

"5 AM ft K. Flay (Pance Party Remix)" - Something a la Mode
"lights keep flashing inside my head..."

"Lionheart" - Emancipator

"Don't Look Back In Anger (Barletta Remix)" - Oasis
"you ain't ever gonna burn my heart out..."

"Cold Dust Girl Remix (Gemini Club Remix)" - Hey Champ
"it takes no effort to burn you on..."

"Love Whiplash (RAC Remix)" - Jayme Dee
"you talk so vague and mysterious..."

"Airplanes" - Local Natives
"i love it all..."

"Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)" - Penguin Prison
"too much noise in my head..."

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