Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Artist Spotlight: Miike Snow

Three things to know about Miike Snow:

1. It is pronounced "Mike"--however, named after the Japanese director Takashi Miike which is pronounced "Mee Kay." See them clear up the confusion in this interview:

2. Miike Snow is not one person, it is a band made up of three guys from Sweden.

3. Their music rocks.

"Billie Holiday" - Miike Snow
"the night is just enough for both of us..."

"Cult Logic" - Miike Snow
"i wanna rewrite my heart and let the future in..."

"Black and Blue" - Miike Snow
"your voice is fading out and in..."

"Animal" - Miike Snow
"in your eyes i see the eyes of somebody i knew before..."

"Silvia" - Miike Snow
"eclipses for eyes..."

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