Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Weekend Wind Down, Vol. 9

"Yesterdays" - Traxx

"The Bad In Each Other" - Fiest
"floating into the blue and neon..."
"Night Time (Synkro Remix)" - The Xx
"eyes gleam looking in from the dark..."
"Green Aisles" - Real Estate
"the street lights led me to you..."
"Afternoon" - Youth Lagoon
"we need every moment..."
"Still in Mind" - New Animal
"why did you have to go?"
"Between The Sheets" - Meiko
"all that you are is all that i need..."
"Eyes Wide Open" - Gotye
"staying afloat for the moment..."

The Burning Ear
Direct Current Music
Indie Shuffle
Lefse Records
Matinée as Hell
Red Threat

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