Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

What's Jammin On My iPod, Vol. 28

"Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix)" - Example
"i might be holding your hand, but i'm holding it loose..."
"Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)" - Lady Gaga
"don't be a drag, just be a queen..."
"Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix)" - Klaxons
"gently repeat as the boundaries start to swirl..."
"ID" - Avicii
"untza untza untza..."
"Dirty Thing" - Telekinesis
"you didn't even blink..."
"Dancing with the DJ (Acoustic)" - The Knocks
"we don't care if the sun comes up..."
"Stare Into the Sun" - Graffiti 6
"the sun is shining down for lovers..."
"Bang Bang Bang (ft. MNDR & Q-Tip)" - Mark Ronson
"we live a bonne, bonne vie..."
"Think You Can Wait" - The National
"i'm outta my mind..."

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