Senin, 31 Januari 2011

I Gotcha Covered: Ace Reporter Covers

Cover: "O.N.E. (Yeasayer Cover)" - Ace Reporter
"i can't have you anymore..."
Original: "O.N.E." - Yeasayer
"it's much easier said than it's done..."

Cover: "Airplanes (Local Natives cover)" - Ace Reporter
"i love it all..."
Original: "Airplanes" - Local Natives
"i want you back..."

Cover: "We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover)" - Ace Reporter
"before the flashing lights..."
Original: "We Used To Wait" - Arcade Fire
"now our lives are changing fast..."

Cover: "Walk In The Park (Beach House Cover)" - Ace Reporter
"you will slip from my mind..."
Original: "Walk In The Park" - Beach House
"the face that you saw in the dark isn't looking at you anymore..."

Cover: "Lemonworld (The National Cover)" - Ace Reporter
"give me a reason..."
Original: "Lemonworld" - The National
"i don't think about it much anymore..."

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