Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Artist Spotlight: 2AM Club

I don't even remember how I first came across 2AM Club a few years ago, but I instantly was hooked on their sound. They are a little bit pop, indie, hip hop & electro--all my favs. I have impatiently been waiting for them to release their debut album after being signed with RCA and the good news came today that it will be out September 14th! Until then I will have to be content with watching YouTube videos of their music or streaming from MySpace. You should definitely check them out now, guaranteed they'll be all over the radio and MTV--not that MTV even plays music anymore--soon enough.

Click for free download of "Worry About You" - 2AM Club
"you wish i would've treated you like you treated me..."

"Faster Babe"
"wanna make them gasp..."

"Only For Me"
"i could find a million girls, i want one..."

"Same Night Sky"
"i miss the days and the folks that i shared them with..."

"Flashing Room"
"you make me so hot, i love you on fire, that’s just what this song’s about..."

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